Bringing brand new pajamas
to kids in foster care.

“When he arrived to our home he brought only a bicycle and a few clothing items that were too small for him.”
Foster Mom, Georgia. 

A Shining Light in an Uncomfortable Journey

The journey of a child in foster care can be anxious, abrupt, and very stressful. Imagine being removed from your home and taking very few of your own possessions with you. Imagine moving into the home of a new family, being transported by someone you’ve never met, and being separated from anything familiar.

The journey begins and continues to be confusing and uncertain. A new school, new church, new friends and a new community. At Jambos, we understand this process is ultimately for the safety of these children, but we exist to shine a light on the reality these kids face. We exist to provide basic necessities like pajamas and our heart beats to bring comfort to this journey.

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Jambos Brings Comfort to the journey.

At Jambos, we bring comfort to one of the most stressful times in the life of these children. There are nearly 15,000 children in foster care in our home state of Georgia alone. We partner with local agencies to alleviate the resource burden placed on the Case Managers that work with these kids every day.

We serve the state of Georgia by working alongside local foster agencies, serving as a funnel of resources as they place children into their new homes. We strive to set the child, the family, and the agency up for a comfortable transition during foster care.

Do Something

We know the cozy feeling that comes from having a brand new pair of pajamas. We bring that comfort to the thousands of children in the foster care system.

Helping Children in Foster Care Starts with You.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Our entire organization was founded with the mindset that anyone can do something.

We all carry talents, abilities, and influence. There are plenty of opportunities to bring comfort with us and we invite you to jump in.